The Oxford Renaissance Festival attracts over 2000 patrons each year to spend a day in a renaissance village. Our goal is to include merchants who can offer our patrons uncommon products and services that complement our theme. Demonstrations of your craft are always appreciated to add to the education and entertainment of the audience. Except in the case of extreme weather, the festival (and vendors) will remain open, rain or shine.


Click links below and please email to the address in the application.
ORF 2018 – Food Vendor Application
ORF 2018 – Vendor Application -Interactive PDF

Hear Ye, Hear ye! Good Vendors, we have updated our vendor map to include a listof names. Please take a moment to ensure that your name is listed, if you are planning to vend with us. For those already listed, please keep in mind that a little bit of shifting and condensing will occur if we don’t fill in all the spots. We will do our best to ensure good traffic flow for all and keep you in the same general area.
The Green spots on the map are available – so if you have been contemplating joining us, you can see we still have room for a few!
For any inquiries, changes, or to submit an application form, please reach out directly to artistic.director@renfest.ca – note that the renaissance and modern technology don’t always mix well, and we’ve heard of certain communication not getting through or ending up in a junk folder, so please be aware and follow up with us if you haven’t heard back from us! Looking forward to seeing you at the festival!

 Please be advised this is the last vendor website update to be posted before the festival, June 17th 2018.