Vendor Inquiries

Overview: The Oxford Renaissance Festival attracts over 2000 patrons each year to spend a day in a renaissance village. Our goal is to include merchants who can offer our patrons uncommon products and services that complement our theme. Demonstrations of your craft are always appreciated to add to the education and entertainment of the audience. Except in the case of extreme weather, the festival (and vendors) will remain open, rain or shine.

Food Vendors
We are now accepting specialized food vendors that may offer their wares for sale during our Friday Education Day, our Friday night Pub night, and on Festival days Saturday and Sunday.  We are looking for a variety of food – we currently have basic items such as Burgers / Hotdogs / Fries, so are looking for a more varied selection.  Preference will be given to vendors offering food that fits in with the renaissance theme. Please direct inquiries or apply by emailing


Merchandise Vendors
We are pleased that you are considering vending at the Oxford Renaissance Festival. We have worked hard to keep our fees more affordable in order to accommodate more vendors. We are holding the festival at Dorchester Fairgrounds which gives us the opportunity to provide a great layout, ensuring that everyone has a good spot to sell from. We have arranged for  indoor space – in buildings that don’t boast any leaks – but would prefer to keep the majority of vendors outdoors to aid in the look of the festival. If indoor space is at a premium, it will be limited to vendors who have fragile breakables and/or no access to (or unable to set up) period appropriate tents.


How to Apply:

Please take a look at our Vendor Application Form  for a list of our fees, conditions, and other details. A standard vending booth is considered to be 10 x 10, additional rates will apply for additional space.  Applications will be accepted  as long as we have space, but will be approved on a first come, first served basis. Apply early to secure your spot – vendors offering the same selection of items as multiple other vendors may be disappointed!  


 We are offering on site camping for those vendors who are interested – more details available on the application form. 


Printed applications and cheques can be mailed to:

ORF, 100 Huron Street, Box 38, Embro, Ontario,N0J 1J0

E-transfers can be made to     

Due to rising costs, Paypal cannot be accepted at this time.


For further inquiries not covered here on or the application form, please contact


Looking forward to seeing you at the Festival!