2018 Photo and Video contest

The Oxford Renaissance Festival is offering you a chance to win for the best photo or video! All Photographers and

Videographers take heed! We have decreed rewards for the finest pictures and videos captured of the festival.

The photographer by entering the contest, authorizes use of the photo, with credit given, in advertising by the Oxford Renaissance Festival. Any requests for prints will come back to the photographer to process if so desired. Watermarks will not be removed.

Prizes (Awarded separately for Video and Photo Entries)

$75 for 1st place and (2 free tickets)
$50 for 2nd place and (2 free tickets)
$25 for 3rd place and (2 free tickets)

Send all submissions to fortitudebookings1@gmail.com

2017 Photo Contest Winners!



Fairy Girl

Forest Fairy Photo

1.Rudy Graf ($75 and 2 free tickets for 2018)



2. Marion Buccella ($50 and 2 free tickets)



3. Mark Helm ($25 and 2 free tickets)



Honourable mentions:



Raphael Chan



Josh Damm



Angela Minogue




Rudy Graf



Knighting Princesses

Marion Buccella