Photo and Video Contest

Photo’s/Video Contest 2017

The Oxford Renaissance Festival is offering you a chance to win for the best photo! All Photographers take heed we have decreed rewards for the finest pictures captured of the festival. Three certificates for admission tickets and cash rewards will be made. 1st Place $75.00 2nd Place $50.00 3rd Place $25.00 & **(2 tickets each for next 2018 festival)

Honorable mentions will be posted on our website. Photos must be of the Oxford Renaissance Festival. Entries may be submitted in either (5×7 or larger for prints) or digital images (high resolution please) sent to with “photo contest” for the subject line. Mailed in photo’s and digital photo’s must have e-mail address and contact info. Entries must be received by December 30th/2017.

All entries become the property of the Oxford Renaissance Festival. Entrants grant the Festival full rights and permission to publish for promotional and to exhibit. The Judges decision is final and cannot be revoked. Affixing your signature or submitting electronically indicates acceptance of the rules of the contest. For mail in entries please do not sign the back of the photo as that creates problems in production.

The photographer by entering the contest, authorizes use of the photo, with credit given, in advertising by the Oxford Renaissance Festival. Any requests for prints will come back to the photographer to process if so desired. Watermarks will not be removed.

“Be a Movie Director” we want your video as well! Contest details will be announced shortly for your filming escapades of 2017's Oxford Renaissance! Categories are:
1. Action
2. Comedy
3. General
4. Educational Day (must have attended with your school or child)

Thanks in advance for all submissions and good luck!

See this year's winners below:

  • 16508877_762435533924015_781424581708112461_n
  • 16711636_762435097257392_1923598600878717440_n
  • 16602445_762435063924062_7406425429598548673_o
  • 16729059_762434880590747_3839688931275591926_n
  • 16602218_762435343924034_5382894393158945261_o
  • 16730274_762435360590699_5561594669929075319_n
  • 16683902_762435453924023_5707933602615381543_n
  • 16711980_762435497257352_6030967640478948809_n
  • 16708372_762435427257359_1683264771406006778_n