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Step back into time and party like its 1599. Dress up and immerse yourself at the festival. The ORF offers Queen Elizabeth the 1st, Full metal Jousting (not that theater stuff), Birds of Prey, Vikings, Pirates, a mermaid, Cannon’s, Trebuchet, Full combat fighting, wenches and so much more! Plan for a full day to see everything!
Advance Tickets on sale this Saturday June 11th. Fathers day specials: check frequently for more discounts and specials at ticketwindow.ca
  • Sept 23rd – 9AM Education Day (Students Only) Medieval Dinner 6PM (TBA) immediately following is our opening pub
  • Sept 24th 10AM -1AM Festival day 1 – ends at 7PM and followed by our pub night
  • Sept 25th 11AM-7PM Festival day 2
*We guarantee that you and your family will love it and come again and again each year!


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