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Dearest Oxfordshire,


We have so looked forward to scrubbing you thoroughly. It’s been too long, and we know you must be filthy! Unfortunately, sometimes life and laundry can get in the way of a good time, and your humble Washing Well Wenches must beg your forgiveness for being unable to come play at your Festival this year. Remember to bow to Her Majesty, and tell her that her bloomers are very nearly cleaned… we promise. Tell our boyfriends, the Jousters, that they’re still our boyfriends, and we will miss staring at them awkwardly. Most importantly, enjoy yourselves! The Festival is back!! Drink all the beer that we won’t be there to steal from you, and know that somewhere, in a pub far away, we’ll be drinking and thinking only of you.


Love and Laundry,


Gerty and Izzi, your Washing Well Wenches

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