The rousing first year of the Oxford Renaissance Festival is just what it takes to become a signature event for our community. Well done, ORF!!!!

Cathy Bingham

Tourism Specialist

County of Oxford


Cathy Bingham,

The Oxford Renaissance Festival was an exceptional bargain for the entertainment value! A Feast For The Eyes. The variety of vendors was new and fresh! And the jousting events were spectacular! Thank you! We enjoyed it immensely!

Bull Dawg Publications,

Great organization, beautiful music, fantastic attendance and crowds. Men in Tights had more fun than humans should be allowed.


Men In Tights,

"Renaissance festivals are always a lot of fun to attend as visitors become immersed in the days of yore while being fascinated by the various knights in battle, fire-eaters, jousters, tricksters, fair maidens – and even wenches. People attending often get into the action by dressing in costume and talking like they belong back in the Medieval and Renaissance periods while imbibing in fine ales and authentic foods along with enjoying period music."

- Jim Fox, Sun Media's One-Tank Trip columnist

Jim Fox,