The Wolvercote Wager 
The year is 1568 – With the recent imprisonment of Mary Queen of Scots there is a small sense of security to Queen Elizabeth’s reign. As such, Her Royal Majesty, Elizabeth the 1st has chosen to once again grace the village of Wolvercote with her presence, and attend their summer festival. On her arrival, however, she is greeted not only by the Mayor, but also the young Earl of Oxford, who is looking to make an impression. The village is surrounded in turmoil – two strong leaders who have different ideas on how the festival day should play out! A wager is made to see who will control the outcomes of the day. What alliances will be built and torn down? Perhaps the Earl of Oxford will have ideas to better impress the Queen?

2019 Cast List

We are pleased to introduce the 2019 members of the Oxford Thespians and Mummers. At the festival, they can be recognized by the cast badges they will be wearing. Members of the cast rehearse for several months before the festival and provide their own costuming, and work hard to represent the renaissance. Oxford Renaissance Festival is thankful for their commitment and their many efforts. Huzzah!

Cast Badge


Character Name Position Forms of Address Actor Name
Queen Elizabeth 1 Queen of England Your Majesty Sharlene Wegg
Lady Anne Boswick Lady in Waiting Lady Anne Debra Chantler
Edward de Vere Earl of Oxford Lord Oxford Rob Botkowski
Edward Clinton Baron Lincoln Lord Lincoln David Cairns
Lord Dugyn Grey Captain of Guard Lord Kent Douglas Wegg
Thomas Willyams Mayor of Wolvercote Lord Mayor James Moore
Lucy Hawksworth Wife of Steward to Earl of Oxford Mistress Hawksworth Tara McGuire
Samuel Osborne Oxford Physician Dr. Osborne Jordan Fry
Duric Falconer Deputy of Wolvercote Deputy Falconer Kyle Faulkner
Katherine Wylde Tavern Owner’s Wife / Wench Mistress Wylde Melissa Moore
Bridget Porter Petty School Teacher Goodwife Porter Kerry Hishon
Claire Berwick Village Seamstress Widow Berwick Debbie Marko
Rose Sherrington Village Wise Woman Goodwife Sherrington Ruth Davis
Millicent Golding Blacksmith’s Wife Goodwife Golding Jade Fournier
Elinor Miller Miller’s Wife Goodwife Miller Felicia Critchlow
Winifred Lambton Village Bachelorette Young Mistress Lambton Aiden Thomas
Alice Denton Forester’s Daughter Goodwife Denton Maighan Bamford
Marcus Fletcher Village Huntsman Goodman Fletcher Mark Taylor


We are also grateful to the members of the Oxford Guild of Independent Players who work to add to the village of Wolvercote. Members of the guild will be wearing a guild badge. They attend a workshop and volunteer their time and efforts. With our deepest appreciation. Huzzah!

Guild Badge

Want to join the house cast?? We hold an information session in March to join the fun – learn what you need to know during our 8 rehearsals held every other Saturday afternoon leading up to the festival in the London area. Members of Cast are responsible for providing their own historically accurate (ish) costuming, and must commit to attending the majority of rehearsals. Join us as we help bring the renaissance to life and be part of the story! Both paid and volunteer positions are available.
The Guild of Independent Players is a new, smaller way to be involved – volunteer in character for a single festival day (or both). One day workshop held in May will help you learn what you need to know, build a character, and interact. Guild members complete 2 hours of festival work each day they volunteer, and spend the rest of the day enjoying the festival in character.
For more info on the Cast and the guild, Contact


2018 Cast