Oxford Renaissance Festival

4939 Hamilton Rd, Dorchester, ON

June 22 - 24 , 2018


So – just what is a Renaissance Festival?

A Renaissance Festival is a wonderful mix of entertainment with a splash of history that colours the festivities. As you walk into the gate, we hope that you will feel that you have visited a small village festival in the heart of Oxfordshire, England, in the middle of the 1500s. Some people choose to dress the part – we love it when you dress up and play along – but you can come as you are if you so choose – just dress for the weather! Throughout your day, you will have an opportunity to enjoy live music, stage shows, interactive renaissance characters, and a host of renaissance styled vendors who make up our village. It is a music show, live theatre, fine arts, food, fun, and history all wrapped up in a single visit! Bring the kids, or come without – we endeavor to have something that will entertain everyone at the Oxford Renaissance Festival!

2017 Storyline

The small village of Wolvercote is in an uproar! The past year has been a rough one – all thanks to the newest crop of gown bedecked students at Oxford University who have found that the Boar’s Head tavern makes an excellent place to while away their time between classes. While the barkeep may be happy with their custom, the rest of the village has been plagued by the pranks of the students, and the villagers have had enough and are pressuring the mayor to solve the issue once and for all! To make matters even more stressful, the Queen has decided to revisit the town of Wolvercote, so the annual festival must once again be expanded to include entertainment fit for her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the first! Can the town pull together a festival? Will the pranks of the students ruin the day? Will the crown side with the suffering town or the rich students in their gowns?

 School Trip

The Oxford Renaissance Festival is also open for an end of year field trip – The Friday (and Thursday if we get booked up!) before the festival is open for school groups to attend an Education Day where groups rotate through learning pods and find out more about Renaissance England. We tend to teach about the ancient sports of falconry, jousting, armed combat; trades such as blacksmithing, and Renaissance fashion, and manners. The day is designed for Grades 1 – 8, with discounts for schools that register early and bring more than one class. Find out more on the “Education Days” page.