Educational Day

Educational Day- June 23rd, 2017

Get your Joust on!

A great way to celebrate the end of the school year with your class, open to ALL primary grades! An immersive, thrilling, and educational experience for your students; with exciting demos, jousting, and much more to please students of all ages. New this year - we are offering this opportunity to all primary grades (Kindergarten to Grade 8), with special discounts to multiple grades from the same school!

What To Expect
A full day of fun educational content Demonstrations of jousting, combat, fashion, birds of prey and more! Dorchester fairgrounds transforms into the village of Wolvercote, where Queen Elizabeth the first is visiting! Enjoy the pageantry on display for this special occasion! Bring a packed lunch, or purchase at our onsite food vendors! An excellent end of the year event to attend! Open rain or shine - please dress for the weather!

What does it cost?
(Teachers are always free + 1 free adult chaperone for every 5 students. Book before May 31st at $16 a student (HST included) Bring more than 1 grade level, and every student from your school pays only $15 a student! (Must be booked before early bird rate deadline) Book after May 31, for $18 a student, on a first come, first serve basis - space is limited, Book early to avoid disappointment! Book more than 1 grade (if space allows) at $17 a student.
10% deposit required to hold your place


”The culture and atmosphere that was present all weekend long was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The performances were entertaining exhilarating, and downright awesome! "
Southwest Ontario Tourism

”The students especially enjoyed the jousting demonstration. Lots of effort was put into making this an educational day for the students.”
Tiffany Fournier, Grade 4 Teacher


Special Contest!
Greetings students of the kingdom! Her Royal Majesty has issued a challenge for all attending classes to prepare a banner to decorate our joust field. Banners are a renaissance way of showing who you are and what you stand for – they are part of heraldry – the study of coats of arms. Every colour and symbol on a coat of arms means something – even in modern times, many companies have a logo or a colour scheme. Your challenge is to transform your school’s colour / logo / motto into a renaissance style banner to decorate the joust field. Kindly label the back corner with the name of your school, the teacher’s name, and grade level, and the year of creation.

Banners should be made of fabric (try a second hand sheet), and measure approximately 3 feet in height and 6 feet in length (the chainlink fence is about 4 feet high).  Weatherproofing it is recommended to stand up against rain and dust. The banners will stay on display throughout the festival!

To make a booking, contact Greg at (519) 532-2211 or preferred